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Dave Murphy

Songwriter, story teller
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Dave's 6th and latest CD, American Landscape is produced by Grammy Award winner Ben Wisch

It features a stellar backing band including Jay Bellerose, Jennifer Condos, Kevin Barry, Glenn Patscha and  

Lucy Kaplansky.

"On Dave Murphy's American Landscape...
The ghost of Old No 1 era Guy Clark looms large...
I would heartily recommend that you explore the scenery and share in his triumph."
Mike Davies, Folk Radio UK 

"Murphy is a natural storyteller who uses both image-rich lyrics and compelling melodies to illustrate his tale... Murphy's music -- at once thought provoking and an easy listen -- graciously rides the fine folk/Americana line."

Terri Lagerstedt, Fairfield County Weekly


"A musical Raymond Carver, Murphy taps the raw nerve so many struggling songwriters can't seem to find..."

Chris Smith, TUNES Twin City Revue


"The songs are a masterful blend of Country, Americana and Folk-Rock... a wonderful triumph of the human spirit in song."

Rick Rock, Tribes Hill News


“Beautifully delicate, lyrically powerful, skillfully produced; and an absolute pleasure to listen to…”

Cam Bull, Host – Audiojunkies: The 60 Minute Podcast

On his appropriately titled American Landscape, Dave Murphy is both a lonesome-voiced Troubadour who sings like a heart newly bruised by distance and longing and an astute observer and chronicler of the American condition. He narrates his tales with wit and brevity. On "Fading Taillights," Murphy plays the role of the lover choosing to jilt rather than be jilted. Murphy evokes the time and distance of the lost American highway and the poignant role it plays in every American songwriter's imagination. Half a lifetime of the travel, stories and portraits he has experienced finally has distilled into this lush and resonant collection titled American Landscape.

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